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Our first eleven singles are out now on all major platforms. 

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The songs will be released one at a time on the 23rd of every month of 2020, eventually accumulating to our first studio-album which will be named "Party at the cemetery"

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We wish to express special thanks to former Flock-member Jaydon Verbueken, our flute-and whistle-wizard: Thanks for all the brilliant tunes, songs and musical ideas Jay!  


coming up:

sunday 29 november, 20.45 CET - People4music festival - livestream only - 

link: people4music  

CANCELLED Sunday 6 December  De Groene Engel, Oss

  link: De Groene Engel  

CANCELLED Saturday 19 December - Albumrelease "Party at the Cemetery”

link: Willemeen, Arnhem  

Saturday 9 January - Brebl, Nijmegen

link: Brebl  

Sunday 17 January: De Afzakkerij, Veghel

link: de Afzakkerij 

Sunday 14 March - De Pul Uden

link: De Pul  

Friday 19 March - Astrant, Ede 

 link: Astrant 

Sunday 21 march - 16.00 - Rockcafé Taste

link: Rockcafé Taste 

Sunday 28 March - De Groene Engel, Oss 

  link: De Groene Engel 

3 juli 2021 - Willem's wondere Weiland - Hooglanderveen  

link: Willems Wondere Weiland 2021



past events:

open-air concert: Irish Afternoon, Roepaen - Sunday July 12, 16.00 - Ottersum   

link: Roepaen

support Ferocious Dog, Luxor Live thursday january 23 19.30 - Arnhem  

link: Luxor Live  

CANCELLED due to corona guidelines.De Groene Engel - Sunday march 15 - Oss  

  link: De Groene Engel 

CANCELLED  o'Casey's Irish pub - Friday march 27 - Den Haag 

link: o'Caseys

CANCELLED Koningsdag - Monday April 27 - CHV Veghel 


CANCELLED Folk Veur Volk festival - Saturday June 20 - Oud Aalden

link: Folk Veur Volk

CANCELLED SunVillage Bandjes & Tentjes - Saturday July 11 -  Angeren (private event)   

PodiumB - Saturday November 3rd - Beugen 
Link: @PodiumB 

Irish pub Home - St Patrick's day zaterdag 16 maart 22.00 - Eibergen 

link: HomeEibergen

Elfia - Sunday April 22nd - 13:00 - Haarzuilens
Link: www.elfia.com

Paasconcerten Luxor Live - maandag 22 april 19.30 - Arnhem  

Link: Luxor Live 

Willemeen - Saturday April 7th - 23:00 - Arnhem
(supporting act: Herman de Band - 22:00)
Link: https://www.willemeen.nl

Irish night - Friday March 9th - 17:30 - Brummen
Link: https://ymlp.com/z9je77


Maggie’s Flock are a six piece band from the middle-eastern part of the Netherlands.
With themes like booze, chaos, murder, love and a wicked sense of humor the band tries to connect to
the storytellers originating from traditional folk.

Maggie's Flock play a mix of both acoustic and electric music instruments. A potent blend of steaming Rocksongs doused in Celtic folk.


Maggie’s Flock Maggie’s Flock are a band from the mid-east of the Netherlands.  They were formed after the breakup of the celtic folkrockband Stac Polly. Five Stac Polly-members decide to form a new band. This time they choose to write all their own material instead of playing traditionals.
After a few line-up changes the band find a new Singer and a new guitarplayer which makes the current team complete:

Neil Macfarlane-accordion

Hub Rasker-drums

Gijs Nielen-bass

Etienne Pronk- banjolin

Roel Seidell-vocals

Edwin Steenstra-guitars

Soon Roel (who also turns out to be an accomplished tin whistle player) proves to be a productive lyricist, and together with composer  Hub the two write the first bunch of catchy songs for the new band.
With the new line-up also comes the new bandname: Maggie’s Flock is based upon the legend of Maggie of the Moor, a ghostly sheperdess who roams the moors at night. She captures the soul of every sinner she meets, and adds it to her flock of evil sheep. Hence the sheepshead with the ‘evil eyes’ logo is chosen as their trademark image.
Maggie’s Flock soon starts building a repertoire of over 25 songs.  Songs with narrative lyrics about booze, chaos, romance and death, often with a twist of black humour and irony. Influenced by musical heroes such as The Pogues, Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy’s the band find heir own distinctive sound: A potent blend of traditonal Scottish/Irish folk carried by tin whistle, accordion banjolin and bouzouki, mixed with a solid rocksound of drums, bass and guitar. Distinctive are their uplifting songs with catchy folktunes that are unleashed upon the audience at the speed of a runaway train. In 2018 the band record their first demo. The song ‘My Liquid Friend’ proves to be a blueprint for their newly chosen course.
Later that year the first bigger gigs are played. Fist at fantasy-cosplay festival Elfia, later followed by exhilarating performances at Willem 1 and LuxorLive in Arnhem In 2019 the band have recorded the first six of 12 songs at Hubs’ Henhut soundstudio’s which will be released over the first half of 2020. 


Edwin Steenstra: guitar

 Hub Rasker: drums, vocals and bódhràn

Etienne Pronk: mandolin-banjo and guitar

Roel Seidell: vocals & whistles

            Neil Macfarlane: accordion and vocals

Gijs Nielen: bass and vocals

Photography: Colette Lukassen
site: colettelukassen.nl